Four in ten (37 percent) employees in 24 countries indicate it is “very important” for their own employers to be “responsible to society and the environment” and 80 percent believe it is at least somewhat important. And three in ten (29 percent) report that a high degree of social responsibility is very important when forming and 74 percent) view it as at least fairly important, according to a study conducted among 18,150 adults by global research company Ipsos.

The poll found that a majority of respondents “strongly agree” that companies should pay more attention to the environment’ (61 percent) and do more to contribute to society (52 percent).

When asked to consider what the top two most important things a company must do to be respected, the top items among survey respondents were: prioritize workplace safety (25 percent mark it as first priority); contribute to the socioeconomic development of the countries where it operates (25 percent); and respect and adhere to local laws and rights (24 percent).

Workers in Brazil (65 percent), Mexico (59 percent), Argentina (57 percent), Indonesia (55 percent) and India (51 percent) are most likely to say it is very important their employer is responsible to society and the environment, while workers in Japan (11 percent), France (17 percent), China (19 percent) and South Korea (22 percent) are least likely to advocate for CSR on the part of their employees.