NEW YORK—Global public relations firm Finn Partners has introduced Finn Wellness Collaborative, new global offering dedicated to elevating brands that support health and longevity and brings together talent from the firm’s consumer, health and travel and lifestyle practices across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

"No longer a promotional fad, wellness has evolved into a $4.5 trillion global economy, according to research from the Global Wellness Institute, as consumers continue to drive healthy choice demand that includes emotional wellbeing, food, sport, technology and travel,” said Peter Finn, founding partner. “The Finn Wellness Collaborative is a focal point for helping leading brands facilitate a better, healthier world.”

Finn is the exclusive sponsor of the Global Wellness Summit's Trends Report, “The Future of Wellness 2020," which will be released this week and draws on the perspectives of more than 550 renowned academics, economists and medical and wellness professionals across several sectors. The report identifies 10 trends driving the future of the wellness industry, where growth leaders include the spa industry (9.8%), wellness tourism (6.5%) and wellness real estate (6.4%).

Finn is also involved in the planning of the 2020 Global Wellness Summit, scheduled for November 10-13, 2020 in Tel Aviv. Cathy Chon, managing partner of Hong Kong-headquartered CatchOn Communications, a Finn Partners company, is on the GWS Advisory Board.

“Our vision of wellness harnesses the hope of prevention, optimal health, and the ambition to age gracefully, while retaining the vigor for a productive future has been a driving force within our health practice and other groups within Finn,” said Tom Jones, senior partner, global health practice (pictured).