Family and friends are the most significant shopping influencers on women, according to a survey by Ketchum. Ninety-one percent of women surveyed say friends and family give “very” or “somewhat” credible information in advising them about consumer-packaged goods, consumer electronics or food.

“Before women go shopping, they go CROPing, looking for CRedible OPinions,” says Kelley Skoloda, partner and director of Ketchum’s global brand marketing practice. “They trim research time by consulting a few close friends and family members, as well as experts, local news and magazines. These people offer credible opinions by validating research and helping to determine buying decisions. It’s the intersection of two very hot marketing topics – word-of-mouth and influencers.”

The Ketchum survey results were presented during the 2nd annual M2Moms (Marketing-to-Moms) Conference, which focuses on growing business in the $1.7 trillion mom market.

The survey explored different lifestyle or life-stage segments and revealed what multi-minding women think across key areas. For example, three of four women say that consumer-electronics shopping is “very” or “somewhat” easy, but some aspects frustrate them. Forty percent get frustrated when talked down to while shopping for consumer electronics and a quarter of women voice confusion over whether to buy a warranty (28 percent), product complexity (27 percent) and too many choices (26 percent).

Seven in ten women do research before making big purchases (72 percent), but only 35 percent “rarely” buy on impulse. A quarter of women say they are the first to try new products and services.

Eighty percent of women surveyed feel that being healthy and having healthy children (82 percent and 81 percent, respectively) are the top qualities that define success. Other leading factors include having well-adjusted children (79 percent), living in a nice, safe community (77 percent), not having debt (77 percent) and having a strong marriage (77 percent).

“The survey highlights insights that marketers can use to connect with busy and pragmatic women who want to simplify their lives and find more time for themselves,” says Skoloda.