WASHINGTON — FTI Consulting’s strategic communications segment saw revenues rise by 19.6% in Q4 2023, fueling the group’s 14.8% year-over-year lift.

Q4 revenues rose to $86.6 million during the three months ending December 31, up from $82.6 in the third quarter of 2023. Excluding the estimated positive impact from FX, revenues increased $12.2 million, or 16.9%, primarily due to higher demand for corporate reputation and public affairs services.

Adjusted segment EBITDA of $15.6 million, or 18.0% of segment revenues, compared to $10.5 million, or 14.5% of segment revenues, in the prior year quarter. The increase in adjusted segment EBITDA was primarily due to higher revenues, which was partially offset by an increase in compensation and higher SG&A expenses compared to the prior year quarter.

“We had a strong finish to a solid year,” said Mark McCall, the global leader of FTI’s communications segment. “We saw a real nice pick up in our business in the back half of the year and we are very pleased about that.”

Key work during that time included supporting Abcamon its contested sale to Danaher; Hostess on its sale to J.M. Smucker; and Marel on its merger proposal from JBT. The segment also is working with a range of other clients to update and enhance their annual activism preparedness exercises, identify potential activist scenarios and determine how to effectively respond to a broad group of stakeholders in each instance, FTI said.

FTI as a whole, meanwhile, saw Q4 revenue rise 19% to $924.7 million, while full-year 2023 revenue was up 15% to $3.489 billion. The firm’s technology segment was the quarter’s strongest performer, with revenue up 31.4%. Other segments include economic consulting (up 19.8%); corporate finance & restructuring  (19.7%); forensic and litigation consulting (11.9%).