NEW YORK—FTI Consulting worked on more mergers and acquisitions than any other public relations firm in the second quarter of 2013, but Brunswick was number one in the world in terms of value of transactions worked, according to the latest ranking of PR advisors to M&A published by mergermarket.

FTI led the newsletter’s global raking by volume of deals worked, with 94 deals worth in excess of $44 billion. Brunswick was second, handling 75 deals, with both firms well ahead of the competition: Sard Verbinnen (47), Kekst and Company (45), and Citigate (41).

Brunswick, which worked on deals worth in excess of $117 billion, including the three biggest transactions of the quarter: Berkshire Hathaway’s bid for HJ Heinz, Liberty Global’s bid for Virgin Media, and Silver Lake and Michael Dell’s attempt to acquire Dell.

The UK-based firm beat out Sard Verbinnen ($86 billion), Joele Frank Wilkinson Brimmer Kather (27 deals worth more than $67 billion), Abernathy MacGregor (32 deals worth $66 billion), and FTI. Edelman was tops among the full-service multinational firms—and 14th overall—handling 24 deals worth $13 billion.

The picture was similar in Europe, with Brunswick leading in terms of value (48 deals worth $45 billion), ahead of German specialist Hering Schuppener, FTI, and UK-based firms Tavistock Communications and Powerscourt. In terms of volume, FTI’s 71 deals beat out Brunswick, Citigate, Maitland, and RLM Finsbury.

Brunswick and FTI were also number one in the UK in value and volume of deals respectively; Hering Schuppener led both rankings in Germany; Greenbrook Communications was top in France in terms of value, with Brunswick leading in terms of volume (and Havas PR second in both categories); and in Italy, Community Group was number one by value and Barabino & Partners was tops in terms of volume.

Brunswick was also top in terms of value of deals worked in the US (26 deals worth $95 billion), ahead of Sard Verbinnen, Joele Frank, Abernathy MacGregor and Kekst. Sard Verbinnen and Kekst each worked on 45 deals, enough to tie them for first place in terms of volume, ahead of FTI, Abernathy and Joele Frank.

In the Asia-Pacific region, FTI held on to the top spot in both value and volume ranking, thanks to 18 deals worth $16 billion. In the value league table, Brunswick, Hong Kong-based Strategic Public Relations Group, the UK’s M:Communications, and Abernathy rounded out the top five. By volume, Brunswick was number two, ahead of locals Wonderful Sky and SPRG, and multinational full-service firm Edelman.