WASHINGTON, DC — Grayling PR has packaged a cybersecurity offering that provides clients counsel on the potential risks and fall-out from data breaches.

The new "Cybersecurity Consulting and Advisory Services" is intended to draw clients that digitally manage or store sensitive information that make them especially susceptible to threats. The service will provide counsel in five main areas: financial, legal, operational, technology and reputation. 

Pete Pedersen, Grayling's global CEO, said the offering was created because of the increased frequency and larger scale of cyber attacks.

"Think about all the medical records, financial data and sensitive government data that is [managed digitally] and all the information that we carry with us through things like our mobile phones," Pedersen said. 

This is Pedersen’s first major initiative since taking on the lead role at Grayling in March. The agency is partnering with Michael Locatis, CEO of consulting company Nexusist, to provide the technical and operational counsel. In January, Locatis stepped down from a nine-month stint working in the Department of Homeland Security. Prior to that he was chief information officer for the Department of Energy.

Earlier this year President Obama signed an executive order that enables more information sharing between the government and private sector to help prevent cyber attacks on the nation’s infrastructure.

Grayling’s offering will also help security companies better position their products.

“The government and corporations have tightly partnered in information sharing and analysis -- so there is a lot of opportunities for individual companies,” Locatis added.

The offering will begin US-focused with an eye to expand globally.