NEW YORK, April 18—Hill & Knowlton has signed an agreement with Media1st, an e-learning specialist, which will provide online interactive video training to its professional staff. The agreement gives H&K access to Media1st’s interactive video learning product iNstruct, which is designed to digitize the traditional classroom environment, including visual aids and interaction with instructors. iNstruct will become part of the new Hill & Knowlton Virtual Academy.

“We’ve researched the e-learning market extensively, and Media1st delivers the most compelling and rewarding e-learning solution,” says Tom Hoog, president and CEO. “Unlike other e-learning companies, Media1st provides an interactive experience that is exceptionally engaging.” Hoog cited research indicating that “the interactivity provided by Media1st will increase retention of internal training nearly 60 percent while also keeping the expenses for training to a minimum.
“This initiative integrates with our goal to provide our employees with a definitive growth path within Hill and Knowlton.”