NEW YORK—Hill+Knowlton Strategies has launched a new service, Influence Point, designed for companies looking to target a more niche audience of political, financial and media influences with online advertising.

According to Mark McKinnon, global vice chair of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, “In many corporate reputation, advocacy or B2B campaigns, the intended audience only represents a tiny slice of all impressions.”

H+K Influence Point enables companies to serve online ads directly to individuals identified as influencers. The firm’s research and digital teams have developed a proprietary methodology for identifying universes of financial, media and political influencers, who can then be served display, video and mobile ads.

"We can now tailor targeting to the individuals you are trying to reach—creating more efficient advertising that finds the critical super-nodes in our real life social-networks," says McKinnon.

The new offering will be led by Andrew Bleeker, global digital practice director at H+K, and Josh Hendler, H+K's global chief technology officer.