In our Headliners series of conversations, we get under the skin of PR and communications leaders around the world who have made PRovoke Media headlines recently, uncovering what they see as the greatest challenges and opportunities for the industry, where they find inspiration (and how they switch off), what they’ve learned about themselves, as well as the creative campaigns they love and the work they are most proud of.

In this week's Q&A, we speak to LLYC global CEO Alejandro Romero, who this week announced the Spanish firm's acquisition of Lambert Global, tripling its presence in the US. 

What are the greatest challenges and opportunities for the PR and communications industry over the next 12 months?

AI’s arrival to and impact on communications. It has the power to completely change how we work in this industry. We’ve been working with our proprietary AI for four years, analyzing billions of messages (4.7 million in 2023) to help our clients make data-backed strategic decisions. This data helps us visualize the territories, topics, and communities participating in conversations; find the people who drive the narrative; and track trends in real time. We base our work on these insights to move the needle for our clients. It’s a big add-value.

What’s the best PR campaign you’ve seen recently and why?

The Price to Pay” (BBK Foundation) used AI and real-time monitoring to create a shocking image — the collapse of the Bizkaia Bridge in Spain — to raise awareness of the impact our decisions can have. It used the perfect mix of creativity and data to generate conversation and build positive reputation.

What work from your team are you most proud of over the past year?

Our growth, of course. We maintain double-digit growth to incorporate new partners, strengthen talent retention, and support investment in innovation. There’s no better way to predict the future than to invent it by innovating, and we want to anticipate the future so we can keep helping our clients.

What have you learned about yourself over the past couple of years?

I’ve learned so much. Since becoming global CEO, I’ve learned to have more patience, be more flexible, and above all, be more productive. It’s been critical for me to be as effective as possible when addressing challenges that generate value for our clients, shareholders, and team.

How do you switch off and maintain wellness?

I pursue balance, working my body and mind by spending time meditating, exercising, and enjoying life. I live by the motto of “Work hard, play hard.” Life is happening in the now, so I try my best in every situation, in every meeting, with every person.

What cultural source (eg book/podcast/movie/TV show/music artist) has provided creative inspiration for you lately?

Contemporary art really inspires me. Visiting events like Art Basel or museums like the Blanton Museum, PAMM, or MoMA sparks ideas and helps me think laterally. Other sources are great too. The worlds of fashion and sports, such as Formula 1, also help generate many good ideas.

If I wasn’t working in PR/comms I would be…

I would be a fine art photographer.