The global pandemic — that we’re very much still immersed in — has put healthcare at center stage. At this moment, we’re seeing the complex interplay between health tech, providers, pharma, policy makers and other stakeholders at a global scale. It's both breathtaking and often bewildering. And even before 2020, healthcare was quickly becoming one of the most compelling areas for public relations.

With that in mind, we partnered with Real Chemistry—- formerly W2O — on a new series Healthy Bites. In each episode, we will have a quick chat with a healthcare expert to provide a digestible "what you should know" to help the industry stay ahead of the rapidly changing healthcare public relations and communications landscape. And because healthcare touches every aspect of our lives these days, we hope these 10-minute conversations will be useful no matter what your day-to-day role is.

In this episode, PRovoke Media executive editor Aarti Shah talks to Dan Carter, digital health and regional practice lead for the East Coast, about the future of digital health.

Topics covered:
01:33 Defining digital health 
02:26 The impact of recent VC investments in telehealth 
05:13 How healthcare apps can stand out in such crowded markets   
06:22 Will mental health continue to be digital-first? 
08:29 Biggest digital health category in 2022?