NEW YORK--The Holmes Report is to launch a new digital platform that aims to better showcase the public relations industry’s creative capabilities.

Housed on the Holmes Report website, the new initiative will feature regular examples of cutting-edge PR creativity and content creation, drawn from our Silver SABRE Awards entries, and via direct submissions from agencies and clients.

“Creativity has never been more critical,” said Paul Holmes, editor of The Holmes Report. “Public relations people are being called upon to create content in unprecedented quantity and variety, using media that range from digital and social to experiential and of course print and video. This content needs to be creative enough to cut through the clutter and earn the attention of consumers and other stakeholders at a time when they are being bombarded with more messages than ever before.”

“And it needs to do so without sacrificing authenticity, credibility or integrity, creating sustainable conversations around companies and brands and contributing to sales and business success. There has never been a more critical time to spotlight and celebrate those PR people who know how to do this.”

In addition, the Holmes Report is currently in the process of compiling a landmark study that will benchmark the most awarded PR campaigns in the world. The annual effort will definitively determine the most creative PR programmes, agencies and companies, and will generate considerable analysis of the trends uncovered by this report.

Another element of the new platform is an annual survey of industry attitudes towards creativity, examining the challenges that continue to bedevil the development of a more robust creative culture. Responses will be supplement by qualitative research into the views of key CMOs and industry figures.

Launching this summer, the year-round initiative will also include regular editorial insight into creativity and PR, via roundtables, features and videos. As always, we welcome the views of our community on this effort.