BARCELONA—In her role as director for strategy and corporate communication for the Directorate General Communication at the European Commission, Sixtine Bouygues controls one of the largest communications budgets in Europe and is responsible for some of the largest and most complex communications challenges in the region, working across multiple markets in multiple languages and using every available channel and medium.

It is a role that has earned her one of our 2013 SABRE Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement.

Bouygues has worked for more than 10 years with the European Commission, developing her expertise as head of the Commission representation in Paris and head of communication at the Directorate General for Information Society and Media before becoming director of communication actions at the Directorate General Communication in June 2010.

Responsible for Strategy and Corporate Communication, Sixtine Bouygues is managing key sectors of the European Commission's communication, such as public opinion polling (Eurobarometer), speechwriting, media monitoring, audio-visual services, Europa web portal and European media networks.