SAN FRANCISCO — Allison+Partners has launched M365, a multicultural marketing offering that takes a multifaceted approach to creating impactful campaigns targeting diverse consumers. M365 is an evolution of the agency’s approach to multicultural communication and explores audience engagement through three distinct multicultural dimensions: cultural heritage, cultural status and cultural integration. Each dimension explores heritage, racial identities, sexual orientations, lifestyles, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, points of engagement and best channels to engage. The offering leverages research, data science, cross-channel insights, media relationships and measurement reporting to implement successful local and global multicultural campaigns.

SEATTLE — WE Communications has partnered with the United Negro College Fund and has established a scholarship with the fund. The WE Communications Catalyst Scholarship Fund will support 20 BIPOC students by providing financial resources to pursue education and a career in communications for the next five years. The $100,000 scholarship will award $5,000 to four students every year for the next five years and is open to Washington or Oregon residents who are college juniors and seniors studying communications, PR, marketing or journalism at any institution within the United States.

WASHINGTON — ROKK Solutions has launched RADIUS, a suite of data programs meant to help clients create more effective campaigns. RADIUS represents six elements of ROKK’s communication framework: reach, amplify, data-mine, influence, unite and sustain. The program will provide organizations with improvements on communication strategies and help to evolve around news cycles, social media and advertising networks. It will also allow organizations to adhere to audiences and build new networks of micro-influencers to increase their reach. For ROKK, the suite helps optimize article placements and foster relationships with key reporters and media outlets across the globe.

NEW YORK — D S Simon Media is now offering metaverse broadcast services for the PR industry. Metaverse 3.0 will offer broadcasting live video into a clients’ metaverses, building custom metaverses for clients and supporting metaverse press conferences, trade shows and events.