WASHINGTON — Public Policy Holding Company has launched Concordant, a new policy and communications advisory firm designed to serve organizations at the crossroads of market risk and transformational growth. Concordant extends beyond reputation and risk management, weaving together government relations, public affairs, audience insight capabilities and full-service, strategic communications to protect and propel an organization's strategy. Concordant will be led by CEO Sarah Wills (pictured), former executive VP and chief corporate affairs officer at Cardinal Health, where she led communications, government relations, enterprise marketing and brand. Concordant is the eighth independent agency with the PPHC group. PPHC's operating companies are retained by over two-thirds of the Group's 1000+ clients, which includes companies active in all major sectors of the U.S. economy, trade associations, and NGOs.  

NEW YORK — BCW has rolled out a new platform, Decipher Index, which uses cognitive AI to predict the top themes with the greatest potential for impact in the future. Developed in partnership with Limbik, Decipher’s rolling prediction of key trends worldwide will provide an issues roadmap through 2024, which is expected to be turbulent given elections around the world. To create the Decipher Index, the agency identified more than 20 macro themes and issues it expects to drive global interest over the next 12 months. Limbik trained its proprietary cognitive AI on these themes in order to predict their potential for impact, in terms of both global online engagement and regional resonance. Experts from BCW and Limbik then evaluate the likelihood of these themes to have an impact on businesses, organizations, and brands.

MIAMI — Boden has commemorated its 15th anniversary with an expansion and brand refresh. The agency introduced Hispanic+, aiming to help brands seamlessly enter mainstream culture by leveraging the power of the Hispanic market. Boden's expansion aligns with the rise of multicultural storytelling, with 25% of Gen Z being Hispanic and the demographic reshaping mainstream media. The brand refresh, anchored by the tagline "Turning Culture Into Impact," reflects Boden's commitment to anticipating trends through its proprietary strategic planning process, Escucha. As part of its “quinceañera” celebration, Boden has partnered with Step Up to fulfill "quince wishes" for young women across the U.S., embodying the agency's mission of empowering the next generation.

WASHINGTON — APCO Worldwide has launched a new adaptive intelligence system, called Margy. Inspired by founder Margery Kraus, Margy integrates APCO global team members’ knowledge, automates content generation, enhances efficiency and offers reputation management tools. Additionally, APCO has introduced an AI advisory service to guide clients through the transformative landscape of artificial intelligence. The advisory offering encompasses governance frameworks, risk mitigation, policy shaping, and human change management.