NEW YORK — Healthcare vets Cathy Fink and Michelle Anderson have launched a new consultancy, CLF•A Collective, with an eye on making comms counsel an integral part of clients’ businesses.

The consultancy is designed to embed its resources into clients' day-to-day operations, offering a deeper understanding of their business challenges and opportunities. This immersive model enables the consultancy to enhance what in-house teams deliver, ensuring a more effective and cohesive marketing strategy, the agency said.

The firm's offerings cover the range of  marketing and communications services to help businesses looking to grow, pivot, launch new products, retool existing strategies, or maintain their market presence.

“We are very on trend right now, starting an agency in a collective model,” said Fink. “But what sets us apart is that Michelle and I, and everyone we bring in to work with us, are both thinkers and doers. Brands today can’t afford to stand still, especially in healthcare. Clients need senior leaders who can advise as well as execute to rise to the challenges as they come in the marketplace. That’s what  CLFA is all about.”

Fink and Anderson both bring years of experience to the endeavor. 

Prior to CLF•A, Fink co-founded Eden Communications Group, which was sold to Omnicom. She later led both the Johnson & Johnson and Boehringer Ingelheim global communications portfolios at Porter Novelli. Anderson started her career in marketing at Capital One before moving to healthcare to focus on agency growth at Spectrum Science, among other agencies.