JACKSONVILLE, FL — International Spirits has hired Blaze PR to launch the first tobacco-flavored vodka under the Ivanabitch brand in the US.

Tony Elward, CEO of International Spirits, said Blaze was hired to bring the flavored vodka to market as part of a brief that’s just under six figures. The campaign involves a media launch in New York on Oct. 1, as well as shipping the product to influencers to garner media coverage and social media chatter.

Blaze is working with Ivanabitch on redesigning its website and retooling its Facebook presence, as well as defining the company’s multiple audiences that include distributors, retailers and consumers. 

The vodka doesn’t contain nicotine but is intended to reinforce Ivanabitch’s “edgy and innovative” position. Blaze will promote its taste and novelty, as well as the 15 other flavors under the Ivanabitch brand.   

International Spirits’ revenues are over $40 million and its product portfolio also includes gin and brandy.