The Holmes Report has a new platform: Insights & Innovations or, as we call it, In2. The drivers for launch were many, but boil down to the velocity of change in PR and media.

Let’s start with PR. We all know the industry has been on a collision course with its marketing brethren for nearly a decade now. But it hasn’t come to head in a massive blowout, instead it’s been an ongoing burn. For instance, social data now bleeds into business intelligence, in turn, giving way to staggering opportunities for targeted engagement; paid is trumping organic for owned content distribution; and PR teams are brokering media buys for native ads. These are just a few examples, but ultimately, results now matter more than the marketing channel used to achieve them.

This culminates in a, sometimes, frantic blend of emerging thinking, tools, tactics with the refinement of existing ones. In2 is a jumping off point for this exploration. While there’s no shortage of voices in this arena -- we hope, ours is one of intelligence, depth and insight. And of course, content is just one avenue for this. In January, we’re hosting our first In2 Summit in San Francisco that brings the industry’s great thinkers together to discuss, deliberate and probably disagree on these very issues.

It’s also worth giving some thought to how media consumption has changed. In2 is a somewhat experimental platform that allows us at the Holmes Report to try new ways of delivering content that’s more meaningful and tailored to our readers’ habits. And like nearly all forms of modern media, this site is a work-in-progress and your feedback is always encouraged.

Welcome to In2.