NEW YORK — IPG’s dna is updating its positioning as a science-based, human-focused healthcare agency following two-plus years of expansive growth.

The new branding, rooted in the tagline “Health Means Everything,” reflects the evolution of dna into a global firm with expanded capabilities and geographical reach and double the size of its global staff, said Mike Rosich, who has served as the agency’s North America general manager since August 2020.

Those efforts have included dna building an integrated media team, growing creative and scientific communications specialties, and bolstering its strategy team’s ability to facilitate deeper integrations across digital, paid, earned and client experience. The agency also opened new offices in Chicago and Boston. About half the agency's global team is in North America.

Rosich credits dna’s expansion to a range of factors, including a rise in clients (North America business rose 22% in 2022) and the agency’s deliberate response to “people wanting to understand the why behind medicine or scientific stories that wasn’t there before the pandemic.”

“We want to make sure that  anything we are doing is in service of them or their needs,” he said.

The agency’s rebrand, which includes a new logo, website and visual identity, was crafted in collaboration with IPG Dxtra Health’s FutureBrand with the goal of creating a look and feel that reflects dna’s value as a health-only agency focused on improving outcomes for patients, Rosich said.