NEW YORK--The Holmes Report and NowGoCreate are launching the second edition of their landmark survey into creativity in the PR industry.

Conducted in association with Ketchum, the Creativity In PR study seeks to analyse the PR industry's efforts to develop breakthrough ideas as clients increasingly turn to them to drive brand-building efforts.

The inaugural study last year attracted more than 600 responses, finding an industry that appeared to lack confidence in its creative abilities, raising questions about the creative culture that exists within PR firms and communications departments, and exploring how clients rate their PR agencies on creativity. 

If you work in the PR or marketing industries, your opinions are welcomed. The 10-minute survey can be accessed here or via the form below.

The survey will again poll attitudes and opinions towards various key industry issues, including creative quality; definitions of creativity; factors that drive great work; training and recruitment; and the client/agency relationship.

The study is co-authored by the Holmes Report and NowGoCreate, a consultancy that helps companies and agencies improve their creative techniques. 

"In 2012 we identified the gap between the PR industry's creative aspirations and tough business realities that can hinder creativity," said NowGoCreate founder Claire Bridges. "Now we want to explore what drives great work and to forecast what factors you believe will impact marketing and creative campaigns in the coming year. What will the industry do to up its creative game in 2013 to connect with audiences relentlessly bombarded by messages? We'll find out where clients rank PR agencies ideas against other disciplines too. " 

"The name of the game is breaking down those paid, owned and earned silos," added Ketchum chief innovation officer Karen Strauss. "Brands with powerful stories to tell who tell them cleverly break through. The most creative work uses the human channel to great effect, offering contagious content that inspires people to spread the word across their networks.  What’s contagious?  Themes that make us laugh and cry; platforms that bridge cultural divides; campaigns that use the power of brands to make the world a better place."

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