LONDON—The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has hired A House Called Alice, a new firm formed by ex-WagEd executives, to provide communications support in the UK.

The firm has been tasked with raising awareness of the trust and its work, starting with its recent 'Double Gold' campaign. The trust works to support young athletes and help the lives of young people across the UK.

A House Called Alice was formed by Nick Meir and Simon Cliffe, who departed WagEd London's broadcast team earlier this year.  

“Partnerships are at the heart of the Trust’s work," said Dame Kelly Holmes. "I won my two gold medals by having the best people around me and so I am delighted that the team at the Trust have formed this partnership with A House Called Alice."

Before WagEd, Meir previously worked as a producer and editor on many BBC programmes across TV and radio, whilst Cliffe served as group head of news at GCap Media.

"The communications industry is far too noisy and too confusing right now – it’s full of clichés, acronyms, complicated diagrams and loud opinions," said Cliffe. "It should be simpler. It should be about making stories that people actually care about."