STOCKHOLM — Peje Emilsson, described by the WEF as a “serial entrepreneur”, and owner of Kreab Worldwide, will transfer full ownership of the Stockholm-based communications consultancy to the newly formed Peje Foundation.

The transfer of shares  will happen by no later than 2030, starting with the immediate donation of 20% to the foundation. Kreab was founded in Sweden in 1970 by Jan-Erik Ander, Peje Emilsson and Peder Olin.

The Peje Foundation will support communication work “…that increases understanding between people, companies, organisations, authorities and countries and support research, education and information work on how free enterprise and free trade contribute to a better world for everyone”, according to an email Emilsson sent to about 400 employees worldwide.

In response to PRovoke Media, Emilsson said: "Kreab was founded by me in 1970 - 53 years ago. It is important to set the structure for the future." Emilsson, who is the executive chair of Kreab Worldwide, will also chair the Foundation. He added that there were no plans to reorganise the Kreab Worldwide business, as a result of the latest development.  

Global CEO Charlotte Erkhammar runs Kreab Worldwide, which has 10 offices in Asia, 13 in Europe, one in North America, and nine in South America. The strategic communications consultancy has around 500 clients and its 2022 revenue was approximately €50m.  

Kreab Worldwide is run by a nine-person executive board, which reports into the five-person board of directors chaired by Emillson. The firm was previously a part of Omnicom Group, although that partnership ended several years ago. 

Emillson’s foundation move is consistent with Sweden’s long tradition of philanthropy, which is a vital component of the national culture, and puts the Peje Foundation in illustrious company, with the Wallenberg Foundations and the Erling-Persson Family Foundation being among Sweden’s most prominent family foundations.