MEXICO CITY—The deadline for this year’s Latin American SABRE Award competition have been extended. The early deadline has been extended until June 28 and the late deadline (which requires payment of an dditional late fee) is now July 19.

The SABRE Awards competition recognizes Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement. The awards have a 30-year heritage, and while the Latin American competition has been added more recently it has been growing in size and stature each year.

“We have already seen that campaigns from Latin America are capable of competing with the best in the world in our global competition, and we are excited to see the kind of outstanding creative work the region has produced over the past year,” said Paul Holmes, who chairs the SABRE judges. “In difficult conditions, we have seen that PR people around the world are doing mission critical work for their clients. I am sure Latin America is no exception.”

The Latin America SABRE Awards are open for entries, via the dedicated entry platform. A complete list of categories can be found here; guidelines for crafting a winning submission can be found here.

The Latin American jury is being recruited over the next two weeks. Anyone interested in judging this year’s competition should contact Paul Holmes ([email protected]).