LP&P saw an opportunity in 2000 to upgrade its award-winning Web site.  As LP&P grew and joined Fleishman-Hillard, it needed a web site that reflected its identification as a high-level PR resource.  LP&P’s previous site was often praised for its easy navigation.  One of the agency’s goals in recreating its Web site was to maintain the simplicity and intuitive navigation of the old site while giving it a new look with completely new content.
Objective #1:  Create an attractive, dynamic and resources-heavy site that keeps visitors coming back; presents the agency as a leading, capable, strategic, media-savvy agency
Objective #2: Create a Web site that gives back to the high-tech community – not just one that serves as an advertisement for itself.  Be sure the Web site focuses on the needs of the press and analyst community especially
Ojective #3:  Provide visitors a fresh look and fast, streamlined access to extensive information about the firm, its unique approach to clients services and its clients
Objective #4: Provide a complete, 360 degree view of the agency for prospective hires, including detailed benefits, corporate culture info, etc.
LP&P's Marketing Dept. conducted research in early 2000 of over 30 competitive Web sites. The purpose was to review new navigation techniques, functions and content from a variety of PR firms’ Web sites – both direct competitors and a number of high-profile agencies. 
The review criteria were based on the current LP&P Web site, plus new LP&P content and function ideas.  In addition to an overall review, LP&P looked for specific topics such as the equivalent of LP&P’s Press Room and Press Pass features, a Strategic Topic section and how information was organized in the New Business and HR sections.
The newly designed Web site for Lois Paul & Partners (launched on September 25, 2000) has been a success.  According to our Web traffic tracking system, the number of hits, pages viewed and number of visits has increased dramatically.
Below is a comparison of results of December 1999 traffic versus December 2000 traffic.  As you can see, many of these numbers have tripled.
December 2000
Number of hits
Number of pages viewed
Number of visits
December 1999
Number of hits
Number of pages viewed
Number of visits