NEW YORK—The Anne McBride Company, which specializes in global investor and public relations, has opened McBride Japan and named Satoshi Shimomura managing director.

McBride Japan will provide targeted activities to support Japanese businesses trying to reach to U.S. and other overseas investors. Shimomura and his team will develop investor relations programs for Japanese businesses, managing relationships with market analysts, stock exchanges, institutional and retail investors, regulatory agencies, and the financial media in the U.S.

Shimomura will also lead the effort to form a partnership with a Japanese investor relations firm or investment bank.

“Satoshi Shimomura brings a wealth of experience to our company. He has a thorough understanding of the Japanese market, its expectations and culture,” says firm chairman and CEO Anne McBride. “Western style investor relations are becoming more important as Japanese companies reach out to attract new international investors. This is a prime opportunity to extend our reach in Asia.”

Prior to joining Anne McBride, Shimomura was chief operating officer at eBenkei, where he was in charge of financial analysis of U.S. firms and industries for Japanese investors.