SAN FRANCISCO — Monogram Orthopedics, whose medical technology is designed to improve joint reconstruction outcomes, has named Golin its PR agency of record.

Golin will handle all communications for Monogram, starting with raising awareness of its products — which include custom joint implants — by building and sharing the company’s story. Golin is also charged with establishing Monogram as a thought leader and disruptor in the field of joint reconstruction.

Golin is Monogram’s first PR agency. There was no competitive review.

Using robotics, AI and 3D printing, Monogram’s technology is designed to custom fit and place joint implants, mitigating the risks of problems like poor placement and fractures.

“Our mission has always been to make orthopedics personal, which is a change from the current standard of care in this industry,” said CEO Benjamin Sexson, who co-founded Monogram with Mount Sinai New York orthopedic surgeon Douglas Unis. “Patients and healthcare providers all benefit by advanced technology and modernized orthopedic techniques. We know that the Golin team will help us raise awareness of our products and elevate how we communicate."