TORONTO, March 29—National Public Relations, one of the leading independent public relations firms in Canada, has introduced T-360, a specialized methodology to help companies respond to the complex communications challenges associated with managing during uncertain times, including restructurings, mergers and bankruptcies.
T-360 applies a “360-degree” perspective to transition communications by enabling senior executives to anticipate and proactively manage the specific, and often conflicting, needs of audiences affected by needed changes.
Says National senior partner David Weiner, “Senior executives understand the need to make business decisions based on imperfect information. Creating business opportunities in uncertain times enables organizations to innovate, invigorate and gain competitive advantage. But the zone of uncertainty for decision-making is wider than ever before, as companies adapt to a shifting geopolitical agenda, continuing capital market and economic ambivalence, and changing consumer preferences. 
"To weather this environment, many companies are developing transitional business strategies—by consolidating, retrenching or maintaining a holding pattern. Whether they need to raise capital, restructure operations, merge or divest, redefine products or markets, or, in exceptional cases, manage insolvency or bankruptcy, all companies need to pay attention to how they communicate these changes.”
Through T-360, National will provide a “swat team” to manage all aspects of transition communications, including media, investor and government relations; crisis management; litigation communications; and cultural change programs.