NEW YORK — BCW has rolled out a new offering designed to accelerate clients’ digital transformations through strategic communications.

“There are many companies right now helping business with technical and digital adoption strategies. But there is now, and has been, a gap from the communications standpoint,” said Michael Ann Thomas, BCW’s executive VP of global technology solutions. “This is to fill that gap.”

The new suite of services, called BCW DX, uses data and analytics, research tools from the firm's research company PSB and BCW’s other capabilities to assess where companies are at in their digital transformation and the communications strategies being used to support it. The agency uses that information to help create multi-pronged communications plans to further the speed and success in their transformations.

That process includes a six-step assessment looking at:

  • The maturity of companies’ digital transformations

  • Companies’ narratives and their impacts

  • Whether new products are effective and how they are positioned

  • Attracting and training developers and highly skilled talent

  • The effectiveness of existing communications tools

  • The sophistication of communications strategies already in place

“This is where we really integrated to make sure everything is working in harmony that we are building a playbook for communications and challenges,” she said.

All of which, Thomas said, is key in equipping in-house communicators with the capabilities they need to further their companies’ evolutions through tactics such as reaching new and niche audiences and working faster, and with more agility, than previously required.

“We are here to help them with their digital transformation literacy and to help position and market their products and process and to help better communicate change to stakeholders internally and externally,” she said. “This is a highly valuable and complicated process.”