WASHINGTON, D.C., March 18—Husband and wife team Randy and Helga West have launched Mission Works Communications, a public relations and management consulting firm designed to help nonprofit organizations achieve their missions in new and creative ways by offering senior-level expertise at a fraction of the typical agency cost.
Mission Works will also offer a monthly program through which nonprofit organizations can apply for 10 hours of pro bono service, and its website will offer a host of practical communication tools and resources free of charge.
“Nonprofits often can’t afford typical PR agency rates, and with increasingly difficult economic and funding challenges, many nonprofits are pressed to stretch their contributions even further,” said President Helga West. “Our firm is designed to be a resource—for paying and pro bono clients—so that these organizations can advance their causes through more effective public relations and communications.”
The couple worked with nonprofit organizations at separate public relations agencies for many years, but say they reevaluated their careers and priorities following September 11.