NEW YORK — With companies facing a torrent of reputational risks, fact-checkers NewsGuard is rolling out a new service to help brands detect — and counter — disinformation targeting them online.

The Custom Brand Misinformation Monitoring Service is designed to provide brands next-level protection through early detection and tracking of falsehoods, followed by detailed assessments that can be used to debunk the claims. The research and analyses are handled by NewsGuard as an independent journalistic organization.

“It’s no longer enough for communications executives to have media monitoring tools summarize sentiment and coverage of their brands online,” said NewsGuard co-CEO Steven Brill. “They also need the ability to track new threats from across the open web and have access to an independent rebuttal done with the highest journalistic standards and full transparency.”

The new offering was created specifically to address the increase in disinformation attacking companies circulating online versus the likes of public criticism, and centers around monitoring known bad actors and their discussion of brands.

The service operates around-the-clock and includes dedicated misinformation analysts monitoring social media and the open web using AI tools and proprietary in-house research methods. Once false information is detected, brands can ask for further research documenting the claims and providing the basis for debunking them.