NEW YORK — SourceCode Communications has launched a new offering dedicated to helping executives define their personal brand before putting themselves out there among thought leaders.

Executive Brand Management is a multi-phased program focused on executives establishing a personalized approach to thought leadership — one that aligns with their brand, industry and personal preference — to maximize opportunities.

The process involves assessing executives and brand narratives, audience intelligence and ultimately a gameplan that includes support for the likes of content planning & development; social & influencer engagement; integrated media relations; presentations; internal comms; and reporting.

After that, SourceCode is responsible for managing executive media aliases, responding to media inquiries, and collaborating on next steps. The agency also develops a monthly content calendar to ensure executives have a consistent social presence, are performing up to industry standards and engaging with key communities.

SourceCode head of client services Kristen Stippich said EBM was created in response to increased expectations that executives show leadership in areas apart from their companies.

“In an era where corporate leaders are expected to be thought leaders, engage with influencers and maintain a public-facing persona, we recognize the critical need for a comprehensive approach to executive brand management,” Stippich said.

“A recent Sprout Social survey revealed that an active social presence positively impacts purchase decisions for 56% of professionals, with 76% of senior executives believing it enhances a brand's credibility. Additionally, McKinsey's Leadership Forum underscores the importance of executives understanding and living company culture publicly, as well as transitioning from a private to a public persona. SourceCode's EBM directly addresses these shifts in expectations by offering a tailored solution to enhance an executive's brand and impact,” she said.