NEW YORK — United Minds has unveiled a new offering that aims to help companies prepare for new ways of working brought on by the global pandemic. 

The Weber Shandwick unit has launched (Re)Boot Camp, a 're-onboarding' experience that features virtual events, workplace walkthroughs and training modules that focus on such areas as change management, new health and sanitation protocols, reskilling around mental and emotional health, hybrid work support and employee behaviour modelling. 

“Leaders across the globe are facing what is arguably the biggest change management exercise in history, and those who navigate it successfully alongside their teams will emerge stronger,” said Kate Bullinger, president at United Minds. “Now is the time for leaders to carefully consider what the future of work looks like for their organization from the perspective of their employees first. Businesses are facing high expectations to lead through this crisis, channel their values and rebuild better.” 

The rollout follows research from the firm revealing that nearly half of US employees are concerned about the future of their companies and their jobs, and nearly half of those temporarily working from home are afraid their employer will bring them back to the workplace before it is safe. 80% of employees believe their employers need to make changes before they feel comfortable returning to work. 

Accordingly the new offering includes virtual tours that enable employees to explore the new socially-distanced office environment and safety protocols in action, in a bid to assuage employee concerns before they return to work. 

Additional content includes 'day in the life' video captures of employees who are first to return, while United Minds is also providing on-site concierge teams to help reduce anxiety and improve the re-entry experience by directing traffic, answering questions and ensuring the adoption of new protocols and processes.

(Re)Boot Camp is part of the Workforce Re-entry specialty that United Minds launched in partnership with Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate to help businesses manage the many dimensions of preparing employees for the future of work.