LONDON — Next 15's organic revenues have grown by 6.1% globally with the holding company reaching £109.2m in its fiscal year that ended on 31 January 2015. 

In 2014, pretax profits were up by 38% to £14.6m, largely due to strong growth in North America. In this region, Next 15 saw double-digit growth — which is notable considering many of its brands underwent significant change in the US and beyond.

The holding group's largest agency Text100 parted ways with the seven-figure Blackberry business during this period. Even so, global revenues at Text100 rose 10.2% to just over $57m based on the Holmes Report's World PR Report. Consumer shop M Booth is up 11% to nearly $19m amid the transition of its founder Margi Booth into a chairman role and CEO Dale Bornstein taking over the organization. Bite has stabilized at £7.5m after its Asia-Pacific and mainland Europe business was merged with Text100. 

Growth at the US-centric tech firm OutCast surpassed 20% to near $25m. The UK and US based digital shop Beyond also grew by 20% and has renewed its focus on experience design work assignments. Software analytics company agent3 grew 100% in the last year. In Q4 2014, Next 15 also purchased content firm Story Worldwide. 

"The plan was never to integrate Story into another agency," Next 15 CEO Tim Dyson said. "We wanted to build a strong content and advertising capability and cross-sell this with our other customers." 

To further build out its content, insight and technologycapabilities in the UK, Next 15 has purchased B2B programmatic advertising shop Encore and Animl it also announced today.