SYDNEY—Ogilvy Public Relations Australia has launched its proprietary measurement system, Impact4, which offers more than 70 different tools and techniques to measure PR campaigns. Impact4 combines new measurement techniques, analysis software and tools with a mathematical thread that offers predictive analytics, statistical outcome modelling, independent analysis and integrated search optimization.

Impact 4 conforms to AMEC’s Barcelona Principles on measurement and is based on four specific principles: it is built on a bespoke framework of different measures, allowing clients to build their own unique model; it offers clients a graphic dashboard interface to analyze in real time the results of a campaign; it is based around a constant quarterly cycle of review and insight-based learning; and it is powered by a relationship with media analysis and evaluation consultancy Metrica.

Impact4 is organized to measure four elements
1. Inputs: Success is agreed at the beginning of each campaign or year with a number of proprietary tools including the Impact4 Scorecard and Impact4 Measurement Matrix.
2. Outcomes: A full suite of statistical correlation techniques allow clients to understand how a campaign makes an impact to a client’s business. Predictive analytics tools are offered to allow the agency to accurately predict the increase in revenue and sales of a campaign.
3. Out-takes: A full suite of communication out-take measures are offered, including awareness change, attitude change and propensity. The agency is also including an integrated suite of SEO tools.
4. Outputs: Measures, analysed independently by Metrica, are grouped into four levels, with more than 50 different ways to measure a campaign’s quantity and quality. Part of the system can score the quality and quantity of a campaign in a single number (Impact Points), allowing an easy and simple way to track a campaign over time.