WASHINGTON, DC—PRovoke Media’s PRovoke Global Summit will take place in Washington, DC, from November 6-8 at the Hotel Washington. A flash sale—offering 33% off PRovoke Global attendance—opens today and will run through June 2.

This year’s Summit will focus on “Public Relations: Action and Impact.” Says PRovoke Media founder Paul Holmes: “For decades, public relations professionals have focused on communication. But in the new era of stakeholder capitalism, organizations can no longer expect to be defined by how they communicate. Instead, organizations are being defined by what they do, by how they behave, by their policies and their actions.

“And for decades, we have measured coverage, reach, impressions, awareness. But in the new era of accountability, organizations can no longer afford to be satisfied with measuring output. Instead, organizations will be judged by critical audiences based on the impact their actions have on the real world, and public relations professionals will be judged by their impact on success.”

This year’s PRovoke Global is designed “to help showcase the way public relations practitioners are already delivering action and impact, and to help prepare the profession for heightened expectations and new levels of influence.”

As always, the first day of the Summit will feature our Entrepreeneur’s Forum, designed exclusively for PR agency founders and leaders and focusing on ways they can better manage their firms, with topics ranging from attracting and retaining to top talent to growth and profitability. That will be followed by the two-day Summit, which will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and fireside chats with senior client-side professionals, authors, academics, journalists, and other outside experts.

The event will culminate in the Global SABRE Awards dinner, which will recognize the 40 best campaigns from PRovoke Media’s SABRE Awards competitions around the world” North America, Latin America, EMEA, Africa, South Asia, and Asia-Pacific.

Last year’s Summit featured speakers included former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, Yale’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, as well as senior corporate communications professionals. "PRovoke 2022 was the best ever conference and awards ceremony that I have attended," says Michael Murphy, senior partner at Michael Murphy & Ltd. "I have been to so many of these industry events over many decades, the result being that there is definite fatigue on my part... but the whole event was an uplifting, instructive and enjoyable experience." 

"PRovokeGlobal has a reputation for tackling the biggest issues facing our profession, and for challenging conventional wisdom,” says Holmes. “This year’s event will be no different: provocative content packed with big ideas that change the way we think about our role.”

Tickets for this year’s PRovoke Global can be reserved here, at a 33% discount, until June 2.