MIAMI—With results from our feedback survey in, the Holmes Report is happy to present the videos of the top five rated 2014 Global PR Summit sessions for your viewing pleasure.

To view all of the PRSummit session videos, along with numerous interviews with some of the industry's biggest names, please visit our YouTube channel. For a roundup of six key trends from this year's PRSummit, go here.

1. Frank Luntz: 'It's Not What You Say, It's What They Hear'

Much has been written about pollster Luntz's provocative exploration of why words matter. Indeed, it was hard to find a single delegate who had not learned something after this session.


2. How to Start a Mass Movement

A simple of rule of conference planning: put Ogilvy PR CEO Chris Graves on after lunch. He will rouse the audience and, here joined by an inspiring panel that included UN Women's Elizabeth Nyamayaro and Loving Day founder Ken Tanabe, deliver an topnotch discussion to boot. As with Luntz, this one got bonus points for excellent audience interaction.


3. If There Were a World Cup of Creativity, Who Would Win? 

An enlightening discussion on creativity and football was lent added spice by the presence of Michael Wolff, who had little trouble disagreeing with his fellow pannelists on most things.

4. Please Don’t Stop the Music

Everyone loves music. This highly entertaining session outlined six key principles that brands should be aware of if they hope to capitalise on the passion that consumers have for music, as related by Columbia Music's Elliot Lum and Citizen's Chris Chamberlin. Also the first sighting of Odd Future at the Global PR Summit.


5. How Design and Communications Build Relatable Brands 

Design legend Yves Behar was on top form as he explored how design is critical way for companies to communicate their ideas, in tandem with PayPal's Christina Smedley.

Unfortunately, we're unable to release two of the original top five — Jane McGonigal's excellent overview of what marketers can learn from gaming, and David Meerman Scott's action-packed presentation on realtime marketing.