Our research roundups highlight some of the pertinent studies coming out of the PR industry, looking at topics as varied as the business that produces them. The feature will run periodically.  Send your latest findings to [email protected].

Engaging Hispanic Creators

A study from Boden Agency on how brands can authentically engage Hispanic creators found collaborating with diverse creators is about deepening relationships with the Hispanic community; fair compensation for diverse creators aligns with industry standards, offering unique perspectives to reach critical audiences authentically; celebrating Hispanic culture in diverse ways ensures long-term success in engaging the community; and understanding and tapping into diverse passion points enhance the effectiveness of influencer marketing strategies. The full report is here.

Humanized Growth

An Institute for Real Growth study on “humanized growth” found that 90% of leaders at businesses overperforming in shifting away from a shareholder-focused model see stakeholder value creation as a business growth opportunity, versus 50% of leaders at underperforming businesses. The global study also found that purpose plays a role in business decisions for 71% of leaders at overperforming businesses, vs. only 7% at underperforming ones. When asked whether stakeholders are represented in their decision-making, 69% of leaders at overperforming businesses reported yes but only 3%  of those at underperforming businesses said the same. The full study is here.

CEOs on CMOs

A Boathouse survey of 150 US chief executives found major shifts are occurring in the CEO mindset around marketing and CMOs. The study found 51% of CEOs now believe the CMO’s short tenure is a sign of success not failure in their role, up from 20% in 202; CEO’s “best in class” rating of their marketing (49%) and CMO (40%) double from 2021 study results (20% - 21%); and CEOs’ perception of CMO loyalty is growing, with eight in 10 CEOs perceiving CMOs would take a bullet for them (up from three in 10 in 2021). The full study is here.

Tech Mistrust

Penta’s latest Washington Insights Review showed deep mistrust and misunderstanding around new technologies that could impact legislation and regulation over the next decade. The report finds that technology is top of mind for policy leaders this year, both when it comes to their professional priorities and reflections on effective advocacy. Policymakers are prioritizing digital security and reliability as they work to bolster national interests and foster international cooperation. The full report can be found here.