NEW YORK — Ruder Finn has created a collective of Hispanic organizations with the goal of helping companies forge stronger relationships with Latinos.

RF Comunicad Collective members include the Hispanic Federation, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation, Latinas USA, Centro Fox in Mexico, and aipc pandora in Spain.

The collective is being led by Gloria Rodriguez, whose multicultural agency Comunicad was acquired by Ruder Finn last year.

The goal of formalizing the collective is to pool members’ insights and resources to assist Ruder Finn in crafting campaigns that will improve brands’ interactions and dialogue with the Latino community.

The collective also is to help create a better understanding of the Hispanic community, its needs and contributions to the US economy to further the agency’s DE&I efforts. Using the knowledge to help boost Latino representation in the workplace is a goal as well.

“At RF Comunicad, cultural intelligence is the guiding light to create meaningful, targeted initiatives with the knowledge that to build trust, companies need to be intentional in their multicultural efforts,” Rodriguez said. “The Collective partners know the importance of having a deep understanding of the Latino community to successfully reach that audience.”