SAN FRANCISCO – Salesforce has moved further into the marketing sphere with a new offering that integrates data across its platform for more targeted social advertising., part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allows brands and agencies to use data from Salesforce CRM and its social listening platform Radian6 to build  -- and optimize -- ads on Facebook and Twitter, said Eric Stahl, VP of web content and strategy at Salesforce.

Drawing on Ford as an example, Stahl said the automotive company could integrate CRM data with a Facebook campaign to drive foot traffic to regional dealerships. By integrating Facebook and CRM data, brands can mine both Facebook’s database of demographics, social interests and activities with CRM info that would reveal, for instance, which users had recently visited a Ford dealership, as well as  other targeting options like purchase data, customer loyalty or content download history. also tracks relevant trends on Twitter and distributes ads within specified audiences, such as those engaging with a particular hashtag, among other demographic, psychograhic and behavioral criteria.

The campaigns can then be tracked and measured against particular goals.

“For a Facebook campaign, you can perform A/B testing to figure out which image performed better than another in a particular city and then reallocate budget to reflect this,” Stahl said, adding that this process can be automated by defining rules that allow for real-time optimization.

Salesforce has been making inroads into the marketing sector since acquiring social listening platform Radian6 in 2011 and Facebook management platform Buddy Media in 2012. Last October, the company launched its Marketing Cloud for social analytics.