SAN FRANCISCO — Brendan Lewis, who was most recently at Shazam, is the latest tech PR exec to join the Pramana Collective to build the consultancy's New York footprint.

Most recently, Lewis completed a six-month stint as head of communications at music discover app Shazam. Lewis has done several rounds within the 'app economy,' including two years as communications director for geo-tracking app Foursquare and nearly two years at group coupon company LivingSocial. 

According to a Medium post by Pramana co-founder Brian O’Shaughnessy, Lewis will start "in a couple of weeks" with the task of building Pramana's New York presence. 

The Pramana Collective was founded in 2013 by former PR heads from Facebook (Brandee Barker), Skype (O’Shaughnessy) and Twitter (Sean  Garrett). Unlike traditional retainer-based agencies that routinely do tactical execution, Pramana's positioning is to "work with an organization to help meet a specific opportunity or solve a particular issue for a finite period of time." Clients include Google, Hulu, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Oracle, several startups and political campaigns. 

The consultancy has become somewhat of a stop-gap for communications power players between gigs. Among those who have cycled through the firm in various capacities: Larry Yu took on a partner position for nearly two years between his role at Facebook and his current post at Accel; Eitan Bencuya spent nearly two years at Pramana before taking on his current role as head of comms for DoorDash; and Mike Mayzel took an executive-in-residence stint on his way to becoming head of communications for Pinterest. 

"As we’ve noted before, we believe and support the concept of 'tours of duty' as we build and extend our collective," O’Shaughnessy noted in the same post.