ALEXANDRIA, VA—J Brian Smith, who co-founded public affairs and corporate communications firm Smith & Harroff in 1973 and also served as press secretary to House Republican Leader John Rhodes (R-Az.) during the historic debate over the impeachment of President Nixon, has died. 

Rick Morris, president and senior partner at S&H since 2006, will continue to manage the firm.  “Jay was a lifelong friend and business partner for more than thirty years and while this is a difficult time we will continue to provide our corporate, non-profit and trade association clients with quality, award winning communications services,” says Morris.    

Smith is the author of John J. Rhodes: Man of the House (Primer Publishers, 2005), a biography of the late House leader who passed away in 2003.  David S. Broder of the Washington Post called the book “a model of political biography.”

Among the many political clients associated with the firm over the years are:  US Senator John McCain of Arizona, US Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu.