NEW YORK — SourceCode has launched an AI-powered tool designed to extend the reach and effectiveness of earned media coverage.

Amplify generates additional content based on media placements, allowing companies to leverage positive press across various communication channels. This includes internal communications (company emails, social media posts for employee engagement), sales enablement materials (content for prospect outreach), and social media content for broader brand awareness.

The tool addresses a common challenge for PR professionals: maximizing the return on investment of earned media.

“We want to ensure each piece of coverage serves as the catalyst for a comprehensive communication strategy,” said executive VP Kevin Dulaney, who created Amplify.

SourceCode is already using Amplify for various clients and tailors the process to each company's needs. They consider factors like media outlet caliber and messaging reach to determine the type of content Amplify generates.

“Amplify allows us to celebrate our wins and spread the word effectively,” said Robert Tomkinson, CMO at TouchTunes, a current user of Amplify.