Neale-May & Partners/GlobalFluency client, a leading Web-delivered security service provider based in Sunnyvale, California, delivers software-as-a-service from its Internet site. McAfee protects personal computers from viruses and hackers/intruders. The company services more than 1.8 million subscribers located in homes and small-to medium-sized businesses worldwide. turned to NMP/GlobalFluency to launch a new product, SpamKiller, a managed service that helps PC users monitor, filter, and quarantine unsolicited messages keeping them from entering their email inboxes. SpamKiller helps stop spam email, tracks the mail back to the source ISP and sends complaints to the spammer’s service provider, while automatically returning a false “bounced” email message to the spammer.
According to law enforcement officials, Federal agencies and the security experts at, email spam has become a potent weapon for targeting unsuspecting consumers and stealing their money and identities. The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) calls identity theft “one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation.”
 Analysis indicated that consumers lost $17.8 million dollars due to online fraud last year, according to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center. In addition, up to 700,000 Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. The IFCC says that 70 percent of Internet fraud complaints had email contact with the perpetrators. The Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Web site receives over 400 complaints per week (21,000 annually). Identity theft cost over $3,000 on average and credit damage from identity theft can take over a year to clean up.
In addition to statistical research, NMP/GlobalFluency researched professionals likely to be most successful and credible in reaching consumers about spam used to commit Internet fraud and identity theft. The agency also researched methodologies for reaching the greatest mass of our target groups.
To convincingly deliver’s message to the press, NMP/GlobalFluency secured the services of and message trained Jimmy Doyle, retired New York Police Department detective and renowned Internet fraud and identity theft expert
NMP/GlobalFluency created a package of SpamKiller information materials that was distributed to reporters at the PC Expo trade show. Protection steps to avoid spam scams and Internet fraud and identity theft were developed and used on a special Web site, to educate consumers and support the new product.
NMP/GlobalFluency scripted a Video News Release that drove home importance of protecting consumers from spam used to commit Internet fraud and identity theft. Viewers were directed to the Web site for further information, which included the new product as a solution and how to subscribe to it.
McAfee Senior Vice President Atri Chatterjee joined Detective Jimmy Doyle for a satellite media tour arranged by NMP/GlobalFluency, which ran in conjunction with the VNR and attracted top-tier media in markets of strategic importance to the company. B-roll from the VNR shoot supported the tour with comments from cyber-crime author and online fraud victim Jayne Hitchcock.
The SpamKiller: Internet Fraud & Identity Theft program, garnered exceptional results. The program was a major contributor to’s 2002 milestones. It increased subscribers, up 50 percent to 1.8 million in 2002. The VNR & SMT ran on 167 stations, 248 times, reaching nearly 18 million viewers. Top-tier placements included: Associated Press, Scripps Howard News Service, Dow Jones News Service, Gannett News Service, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times News Syndicate, Bloomberg News Service.
The PR team coordinated SpamKiller product reviews resulting in top ratings by CNET, PC World and Financial Times.
 The SpamKiller anti-spam service is now well understood and’s second best selling product with sales up 65 percent. The Web site received extremely high traffic, resulting in numerous conversions to subscriptions.