Tech boutique SparkPR has bought digital shop Socialarc to expand its offerings beyond traditional PR. The San Francisco-based Sparkpr has been partnering with Socialarc since the start of the year to include more social media analytics and design capabilities.

We've had a long runway to start working together, working parallel on some clients,” says Sparkpr CEO Alan Soucy. Spark bought the Bay Area-based Socialarc more for its capabilities rather than its clients portfolio.

“[Socialarc] was a size where the work was good but the brand wasn’t strong enough to bring in new work on its own,” Soucy added.

Sparkpr is now in the process of reconsidering how its traditional offerings — including media relations — are priced, serviced and staffed.

Sparkpr is a 15-year-old tech boutique with more than 50 people across its offices in San Francisco and New York. The firm’s 2013 revenue was just over $11 million — a 2.5% increase from the previous year. It is best known for its tech media relations.