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Sooner or later the news media are going to point their probing lenses and inquisitive microphones in your direction. And what will you do when that time comes? If experience is any guide, probably the wrong thing. More often than you might think, otherwise smart, sophisticated people react to the sudden glare of the media spotlight by shooting themselves squarely in the foot. Rather than making a virtue of necessity and regarding the press's interest as an opportunity, they see it as a threat. The result is generally a media train wreck. 

In "Spin: Turning the Power of the Press to Your Advantage," Michael Sitrick uses never-before-discussed cases from Sitrick and Company's own files, among them, the historic Orange County bankruptcy and Food Lion's precedent-setting battle against ABC News. According to Sitrick, effective spin has nothing to do with obfuscation and misdirection.Rather, it's built on the recognition that simply having the facts on your side is not enough.

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