CHICAGO — Spool is calling on fellow members of the PR industry to follow its lead by hiring striking writers while they’re off the job.

“In response to the ongoing strike by the East and West branches of the Writers Guild of America, demanding fair and equitable wages since June, Spool Marketing has been collaborating with striking writers as freelancers and consultants, incorporating them into Spool's creative team,” said CEO Catherine Merritt.

“With over 11,500 writers in the TV and film industry currently not working due to the strike, there is a significant opportunity for other agencies and industries to follow Spool's example and engage these writers as freelancers and consultants in the marketing agency field, while respecting the picket line,” she said.

Merritt said the availability of writers offers PR agencies and brands a “tremendous opportunity” to “infuse some new creative” into the industry while supporting writers who aren't earning a paycheck at the moment. Writer Sarah Haskins, whose credits include Booksmart and Black-ish, is among Spool’s hires.

“Who wouldn't want a skilled showrunner to contribute to a brainstorming session or assist with narrative development?” she said.

Spool will be hosting a virtual conversation on the topic at 12:30 p.m. CT on Tuesday, July 18, which will include sharing resources with participants interested in pursuing the idea.

Said Haskins, "When I'm not on the picket lines, it has been fantastic to be a part of Spool's creative and collaborative process. First, it's fun. And second, it's an incredibly supportive gesture on Spool's part — practically because I don't have an income at the moment — and to have my creative skills recognized and seen as valuable at a time when screenwriters are fighting for our creativity to be seen and fairly compensated as the foundation of a sustainable career. I would love to see more agencies and related industries follow Spool's lead and hire additional writers as freelancers and consultants while the strike is ongoing."