The rise, the predicted fall, and the ultimate staying power of influencers has been jarring and rejuvenating for the PR industry. And, as we learned during the Covid pandemic, influencers play a key role in healthcare communications, which has changed dramatically over the last two years.

With that in mind, we partnered with Marina Maher Communications on a new video series on the role influencers play in healthcare. In each episode, members of MMC’s team of specialists will explore the topic from different angles.

In this premiere episode, we speak with Olga Fleming, MMC’s president of healthcare and corporate, and strategist Maddie Simko, who led research looking at the place and power of healthcare influencers.

Topics covered
0:00 Introduction to influence in healthcare
02:35 Unlocking the power of influence
04:25 Adults of all ages use social for healthcare info
09:33 Different channels for different populations
11:15 Covid opened the door to sharing healthcare info on social
13:26 Importance of having open dialogue
16:15 Physicians are top source for health info on social media
18:35 Most populations look for like-minded people for healthcare info
13:26 Open dialogue essential
16:15 Physicians top healthcare source on social
18:34 Populations look for like-minded people for information
20:15 Tailoring messages and influencers to audiences
22:15 Commercial model for influencer strategy