Roughly a year ago, Tier One Partners launched its Agile Insights & Analytics practice with an eye on using the data collected from it to identify in which direction business and social movements were moving.


In the time since, the 20-year-old firm has honed its ability to use the data coming out of the practice to identify — and maximize — trends, enabling clients to be ahead of the curve in addressing the business and societal issues that matter most to consumers as well as colleagues.

In this PRovoke Media episode, Tier One co-founder and managing partner Marian Hughes and senior VP Celena Fine, who leads the insight & analytics practice, discuss the value in identifying meaningful trends (movements such as corporate activism or, say, elevating women in sports) early on, giving executives the opportunity to be leading voices on pertinent topics.

Hughes and Fine also discuss trendspotting use cases, the benefits of trendspotting to B2B companies, the difference between trends and fads and What’s Next Now, Tier One’s monthly predictions. 



The PRovoke Media Podcast is produced by Markettiers.

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