SAN FRANCISCO — Traackr has unveiled a series of new features as the influencer search engine focuses on making inroads into corporate marketing departments.

Most notably, users can now export data from Traackr via its JSON feed and .csv data exports. For instance, Atomic PR has incorporated data from Traackr to its proprietary dashboard this way.

Other features include, the ability to engage with influencers on Twitter inside the Traackr platform, a new interface and the ability to access content published by influencers in real-time.

CEO Pierre-Loic Assayag told the Holmes Report the new features, in particular data exporting, will help the startup expand its customer base beyond PR agencies to corporate clients.

Assayag forecasts these inroads will be made primarily through social marketing, digital engagement or communications departments.

“We see a lot more in-house work on the measuring side,” he said, noting Traackr will continue to grow its agency base.

Traackr will primarily target companies in technology, finance and healthcare sectors. Its current clients include Hill & Knowlton, Bite, Eastwick Communications, SAP and Juniper Networks.