This month W2O’s Chuck Hemann moved to GolinHarris in a newly-created role as executive director of analytics. This is a big move for Golin and marks the formalization of digital analytics under its G4 model.

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“His expertise is not new but what’s new is this level of organizational ambition,” says Greg Sendi who leads Golin’s strategist community. The other pillars of G4 are connectors, creators and catalysts.

Until now, digital analytics have been spread across account teams without any formal structure. Hemann’s being asked to build a cohesive digital analytics group across Golin’s global offices. While he’s based in Dallas, he reports into the Chicago-based Sendi.

Sendi describes insight and measurement as a “feedback loop that one can on-ramp at any point in the circle” with the ultimate objective to measure the impact of communications exposure and using that to improve strategy.

The new group will be supported by tools like Golin's Bridge engagement network and its Delta Set measurement framework. W2O also recently promoted Seth Duncan to head of analytics, a role formerly held by Tim Marklein who left the firm to launch Big Valley Marketing. UPDATED SEPTEMBER 12, 2014: Chuck Hemann parted ways with Golin after eight months to become analytics manager at Intel. Featured photo credit: Tom Woodward