PHILADELPHIA — Eidos, University of Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ+ health initiative, has hired Praytell for PR support.

Praytell is charged with amplifying Eidos’ message of inclusivity, diversity and health equity, with the goal of scaling health solutions and bolstering the futures of those in the LGBTQ+ community.

Overseen by Praytell’s new corporate reputation practice, the partnership marked Pride Month with a live panel conversation in Praytell’s New York office featuring academics, Eidos partners, and community leaders to discuss pressing issues facing the queer community.

Praytell staff will also be attending and supporting the Summer Innovations Institute at UPenn, with a focus on research and innovation in LGBTQIA+ health.  In addition, Eidos leaders will speak with Prism, Praytell’s queer employment resource group, on a monthly basis to share insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of LGBTQI+ health.

Praytell started working with Eidos earlier this year and will continue the partnership through Pride Month 2024.

“The University of Pennsylvania launched Eidos in January 2022, and ever since it has been working to connect and grow startups, entrepreneurs, and companies with the Ivy-league backed resources and research they need to create, fund, and scale real healthcare solutions for queer folks around the world,” said Stefan Embry, Praytell's chief of staff and social impact lead,

Said Eidos senior director Jessica Halem, “Praytell has a storied track record and reputation for amplifying crucial work around diversity, inclusion, and allyship, which made them an easy choice when we started looking for partners to help communicate our work around LGBTQ+ health broadly. Our Praytell team is made up of queer communications professionals who have a deep understanding of the current issues the community faces, and the opportunities to advance conversations around tangible progress and hope - which is at the core of what we do at Eidos. It’s been a pleasure getting to know them personally, and to see their work in action!”